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Monday AM: The future of transplantation

New medicines and technologies to improve outcomes

Recorded Monday 25th September  |  08.30-13.00 CEST

From tissue engineering and organ reconditioning to nanorobotics, new technical and scientific advances look set to help organ shortages and compatibility become a thing of the past. Join us for a look into the future of transplantation as we review each of these exciting developments.


This online broadcast is made possible by an educational grant from Roche.
Roche has not selected the material presented and does not endorse its content.

What you will see in this broadcast

08.30 - 09.10 CEST Breakfast session - Live from our studio

Gerrit Heijkoop and Stefan Schneeberger look forward to day 2 of the ESOT 2017 congress


Stefan Schneeberger talks to AST President Romina Danguilan about developments in Asia


Gerrit Heijkoop talks to Emma K. Massey about the EPAT tool


09.10 - 10.40 CEST | Organ Preservation and Enhancements - Live from the Auditorium

09.10 CEST
Gabriel Oniscu (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), presenting an overview of various technologies and clinical approaches to donor management that promise to improve the number of viable organs available for transplantation.


09.30 CEST
Peter Friend (Oxford, United Kingdom), presenting an update on the current state of ex situ organ reconditioning for the liver and other organs.


09.50 CEST
Nathaniel Hwang
(Seoul, South Korea) discusses a fresh approach to tissue engineering, using scaffolds and human cell repopulation to aid in successful grafts.


10.10 CEST
Pablo Juan Ross
(Davis, United States), discusses the gene editing techniques that have led to successful inter-species xenotransplantation, raising the possibility of human trials in the near future.


10.40 - 11.10 CEST Coffee session - Live from our studio

Our online host Gerrit Heijkoop introduces the Dubai hub and talks with Farhad Janahi who is there watching together with his colleagues


Gerrit Heijkoop talks with Gabriel Oniscu about donor management, following his speech at the plenary session


Gerrit Heijkoop talks with Pablo Juan Ross about his presentation at the State of the Art Session


11.10 - 12.40 CEST - Technology Enhanced Medicine - Live from the Auditorium

11.10 CEST
Angelo Lombardo (Milan, Italy), whose research into targeted genome editing through CRISPR/Cas techniques highlights an important advance that could significantly reduce the rate of organ rejection in transplant recipients.


11.40 CEST
Ellen Roche (Cambridge, United States), whose work in developing and prototyping novel cardiac devices – including a soft robotic heart sleeve for patients with heart failure, and a light reflecting balloon catheter for closing holes in the heart  – holds promise for transplant patients.  


12.00 CEST
Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte
(La Jolla, USA)  discussing new technologies that allow for differentiation of human cells inside embryos of different species, and new stem cell models and technologies that may help address ageing-related diseases in humans.


12.40 - 13.00 CEST Lunch session - Live from our studio

Gerrit Heijkoop talks with Wim Bens about the price for progress 


Thomas Resch talks to Peter Friend about Ex-situ organ reconditioning


This online broadcast is made possible by an educational grant from Roche.
Roche has not selected the material presented and does not endorse its content.