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Transplant Live 2017 Programme



Join ESOT Barcelona 2017 from anywhere - real time with our exclusive live stream or on demand. Videos of speakers and talkshows are available the same day so you can watch back on any timezone.

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(All times are noted in local Spanish time, UTC/GMT +2 hours)


Sunday September 24 | 14.15-17.00

Big Bang Transplantation
Experiences and innovations in transplantation

Ongoing scientific advances are improving the patient experience, and helping to address many of the challenges facing the field of transplantation. As humankind stands poised to take our first steps on the surface of a different planet, the opening session of ESOT 2017 Congress explores the past, present, and near future of transplantation. 


Monday September 25 | 8.30-13.00

The future of transplantation
New medicines and technologies to improve outcomes

 From tissue engineering and organ reconditioning to nanorobotics, new technical and scientific advances look set to help organ shortages and compatibility become a thing of the past. Join us for a look into the future of transplantation as we review each of these exciting developments. 


Monday September 25 | 13.30-17.30

Creating change in transplantation
Challenging established truths

In this broadcast we’ll be challenging the relevance of some of transplantation’s established ‘truths’. Use big data to take a fresh look at the value of some of the established tools for measuring progress in clinical science, and think again about how we identify the value of life and assess the costs of suffering. 


Tuesday September 26 | 8.30-13.00

Personalizing treatments
Improving quality of life after transplantation

While protocols for transplantation have had an important impact on patients’ quality of life, the advent of personalized medicine is ushering the field away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach that may not accurately reflect individual patients’ needs. This has implications for all stages of patient care, not least in developing novel approaches to therapeutic medication.. 


Tuesday September 26 | 13.30-17.30

Business and biology
How technological and medical advances will shape the field

Healthcare is undergoing fundamental changes, with new fields emerging and technological advances allowing for more effective remote monitoring of patients. At the same time, the demographics of transplant donors and recipients are changing, with age-matching becoming increasingly common. All of these factors will play a significant part in how the field of transplantation, and the business of long-term patient care, will evolve over the coming years. 


Wednesday September 27 | 8.30-13.30

Taking the lead
Managing risks, and managing teams

Our final broadcast from ESOT2017 begins with a look at how transplant professionals can better help patients understand medical and psychological risks associated with live donor operations. The congress will then close with a final plenary that summarizes the most exciting clinical and basic science topics from this year’s event, before offering a variety of perspectives (from within, and outside, transplantation) on how to lead successful teams.