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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you lost? Not exactly sure what to do? That’s okay, because we all get lost sometimes, you know. On this page you will find our answers to the most frequently asked questions. 
In case you cannot find the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail:info@transplantlive.org. Or send us a tweet via @ESOTtransplant or #TransplantLive.

How do I prepare best for Transplant Live?

You can join anyplace, anywhere, anytime. If you have registered you will automatically receive an email reminder shortly before a session starts. Pick your favorite sessions from the schedule or tune in 4 days long. We are there for you!

In case you miss the reminder email, just visit www.transplantlive.org, login with your email address as a username and you are connected!

You can join from any stable internet connected device like a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. There is no need to download new software. It’s so easy, you can just watch the live stream like you would watch a YouTube video.

If your connection is weak, make sure you close all other applications on your computer. Also remember to use a headset to protect the people around you. Last but not least: the live stream is offered to you free of charge.

Prepare by reading who’s speaking on the schedule and think of questions you have about this topic. What would you want to ask? Which areas can you learn the most? Which topics do you need more in-depth insights in? You can discuss this with colleagues beforehand and ask questions during the sessions.


How can I ask questions or share opinions?

You can actively participate by sending in your own questions via Twitter using #TransplantLive or the easy-to-use chat function next to the live stream video player during Transplant Live.

Your questions will be monitored by your Transplant Live host Gerrit Heijkoop and he will forward a selection of your questions to the guests in our studio.


Where do I find information on the Transplant Live program?

We are working hard on the program and will announce the details on the schedule page. Want to be the first to know more? Register and sign up for program updates.


Will Transplant Live be recorded so I can replay the shows I missed?

Transplantation researchers, physicians, surgeons, pharmacists and coordinators from all over the world are joining. But in case you miss your favourite topic, don’t worry!

All shows are being recorded and made available as soon as we can afterwards. You will find the on-demand recordings at the website www.transplantlive.org almost immediately. Just remember, you will miss the unique opportunity to ask questions to your favorite studio guests live.

What about ESOT membership and the Transplant Live activity? 

Currently, there is no relationship between the access to Transplant Live and ESOT membership. Transplant Live is open and available and free for everyone in the world.

However, if you decided to become an ESOT member, you will get access to even more recorded sessions from the ESOT Congress in Barcelona.

How can I organize a Viewing Party and watch together with colleagues?

A Viewing Party is a physical gathering of multiple people enjoying, interacting and engaging online during a live and online event. We encourage you to organise your very own Viewing Party during Transplant Live.

To organize a Viewing Party you need to book a (meeting) room with·a high speed Wi-Fi or cabled internet connection and a large screen to watch the Transplant 2017 live stream. You best ask participants to bring their own devices to ask questions and share comments individually.

Yes, I want to organize a Viewing Party!

How many people do you expect to join and is there a limit?

We don’t know exactly how many transplantation professionals will join, but hundreds of people from all continents have already registered for Transplant Live. Theoretically there is no limit, no seats to be taken.

So feel free to forward the URL www.transplantlive.org to others. Do you know of anyone who also might find it interesting to join? Please share the link to the registration page so they can get updates!


I have a question that hasn’t been answered

We’d love to help you out.

More detailed information about the schedule and content of Transplant Live is available on the Schedule page.

All information about the 18th ESOT Congress is available on the ESOT Barcelona 2017 congress website.