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Viewing Parties

Join ESOT from anywhere around the world! Attend or organize your very own Transplant Live Viewing Party.

What’s a Viewing Party?

Viewing Parties are an excellent way to invite a broader community to your ESOT Transplant Live experience. These events allow you to organize a group of people who can’t attend ESOT physically, but will be watching it together live at another designated venue. This could be anywhere in the world, with groups of 2 up to 200 of your colleagues!

Why would I attend a Viewing Party?

Anyone can watch the live stream. Anyone can join the interactive talkshows. Now, a Viewing Party is an official location where you can watch a high resolution live stream of the program with a group of like-minded people straight from the CCIB in Barcelona, Spain. The best experience after all is to join other transplant professionals! An overview of Viewing Party locations and how you can attend one of the organized Viewing Parties will be posted to this page soon.

Poster screenshotHow do I organize a Viewing Party?

It’s very easy if you follow our 3-steps plan for Viewing Party Organizers.

  1. Register as a Viewing Party Organizer
  2. Pick one or multiple sessions to watch live and book a meeting room or venue
  3. Invite your best friends, most esteemed colleagues and students to join you!

Once you’ve expressed your interest in becoming a Viewing Party Organizer we will help you with a basic toolkit and a poster to get the most out of your viewing experience. We encourage as many interested transplantation professionals (researchers, physicians, surgeons, pharmacists and coordinators) from all over the world to dive into the knowledge being shared at ESOT Barcelona 2017 in togetherness so you can discuss learnings with each other.

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How do I attend a Viewing Party?

Great question! So you’re interested to learn more about the future of transplantation? And you can’t be in Barcelona? Well, many transplantation professionals are hosting a Viewing Party. Some even create an entire event around the live stream or incorporate some of the ESOT Barcelona 2017 sessions into their existing conference.

We will post an overview of viewing locations on this page soon.